October 14, 1987
Bristol, England
Kevin Weaver (24) kills his mother, sister, and two office workers

Weaver and his ex-fiancé Alison Woodman (21) had ended their relationship two years before the killings, though Weaver apparently was unable to move on. On October 14, Weaver decided to kill Woodman but first needed a vehicle to visit her place of employment. He had been banned from driving and, because of this, he believed his sister Linda would not lend him her car. Weaver used a hammer to bludgeon Linda 30 times in her head until the wooden shaft of the hammer snapped. Weaver then waited for his mother Margaret to arrive home, bludgeoned her as well, placed both bodies in a bathtub, and washed himself and his clothing. Before leaving to Woodman’s work, Weaver tried to booby trap his home with explosives.

Weaver gathered three guns and 600-800 rounds of ammunition then drove to visit Woodman. Once inside her office building, Weaver grabbed Woodman by the hand and commanded, “come on Alison, we’re going.” Woodman screamed and ran, prompting Weaver to shoot two of her colleagues — David Pursall and John Peterson — to death. He found Woodman hiding and aimed a gun at her, but changed his mind because he “still loved her.” Weaver told Woodman, “this is your lucky day,” before leaving the building. He was apprehended without further incident the same day.

At trial, Weaver pleaded not guilty to murder but guilty to manslaughter. The testimony of a psychiatrist who diagnosed Weaver as a psychopath with “a severely depressive illness” led to Weaver being committed to a mental hospital “without limit of time” in 1988.

Photo credit: Paul Townsend

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