October 6, 1927
Martin Lecián (27) is hanged for murder

Lecián — reported to be 19 in some American newspapers — was incarcerated for committing between 54 and 69 robberies as well as the murders and attempted murders (worded as “partly completed and partly unfinished”) according to Czech reports. American reports stated six men and one woman were slain by Lecián, and were predominantly killed as he attempted to evade arrest for his other crimes. While Lecián reportedly had a female accomplice, he refused to identify her.

Condemned to die, Lecián attempted to ask the courts to suspend his execution as he had tuberculosis and was not expected to live much longer. Shortly before it seemed he may have been granted a reprieve, Lecián killed a prison official during an attempted escape, and any mercy he may have received was negated.

Lecián was executed on October 6, 1927. As the noose was adjusted around his neck, Lecían shouted, “In an hour the devil will be cleaning the chimney with my body. I’ll make a good broom for him.”

Martin Lecián, via Jinova

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