October 3, 1924
Ingleby Greenhow, England
Hubert (sometimes misspelled as Herbert) Ernest Dalton (39) kills his friend Francis Ward (68)

Ward was found on October 3, dead on a pile of hay near Dalton’s home. His pockets were turned out, his purse missing, and his watches taken, indicating he had been killed during a robbery. Examiners determined Ward had been killed by bludgeoning from a hammer several hours before his throat was cut.

Dalton became a suspect after one of his hammers was found next to Ward’s body and Ward’s missing purse was found in Dalton’s outhouse. Dalton attempted an insanity defense and claimed he had seen Ward the day of his murder, but could not remember the rest of the events of the day. Dalton suggested he must have been “chucking the hammer about,” and later dragged Ward’s body to the hay.

Dalton was convicted of Ward’s murder and sentenced to death. He was hanged on June 10, 1925.

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