May 10, 1994
South Daytona, Florida
Mark Guglielmo (24) kills his wife Kimberly Guglielmo (20) following an argument, dismembers her body, and dumps the pieces in New York

Kimberly was last seen on May 10; her husband Mark left the state the following day in the couple’s car, which bore New York registration tags.

On May 14, four days after Kimberly’s disappearance, the lower half of a woman’s body was found “wedged between chunks of asphalt” in Tarrytown, New York, roughly 1055 miles (1700km) from Kimberly’s home. Near the remains were a hammer, hatchet, and knife. On May 16, Mark reported Kimberly missing. Six days after the report was made, on May 22, the upper portion of a woman’s body was found. It had been wrapped in a garbage bag, placed in a suitcase, and dropped in a heavily wooded area in Bedford, New York. The two halves were found roughly 25 miles (40km) apart, and were later identified to be Kimberly Guglielmo.

Police in Florida contacted Mark, who was still out of state, in regards to Kimberly’s disappearance. He returned to Florida and turned himself in on a charge of tampering with evidence on May 26, and was later charged with Kimberly’s murder.

Mark pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, testifying Kimberly had informed him she would be leaving their marriage. During an argument, Mark struck Kimberly unconscious then used a hammer, hatchet, and knife to bisect her. Mark then took the pieces of Kimberly’s body to New York to dispose of them. Prosecutor Michael Politis attempted to get Mark the highest penalty possible by highlighting the callousness of the disposal of Kimberly’s remains, remarking her lower half was “thrown like a piece of bait to rot in the Hudson River.” Mark was subsequently given a prison term of 40 years.

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