March 29, 2009
Milton, Massachusetts
Kerby Revelus (23) kills two of his sisters and wounds a third before being fatally shot by police

The day before the murders, Kerby had been involved in a fistfight with a person not related to the family. Investigators believed this altercation may have triggered the attacks on Kerby’s sisters, though they did not elaborate to the press as to why they came to this conclusion. Kerby had also been depressed in the weeks leading up to the murders resulting from difficulty finding a job due to a criminal record, and was known to speak philosophically about “God’s purpose for him” and death.

For reasons that remain unclear, Kerby stabbed his 17-year-old sister Samantha to death as his 9-year-old sister Saraphina called 911. A responding police officer kicked an upstairs door in as Kerby grabbed 5-year-old Bianca by the arm and severed her head in front of the officer. Officers shouted orders at Kerby to disarm himself, though he ignored them and attacked Saraphina, stabbing her 10 times before he was fatally shot by police. Saraphina was rushed to the hospital and survived her injuries.

Kerby, Samantha, and Bianca were buried side by side.

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