March 14, 1986
Lake Mohegan, Fairfield, Connecticut
The body of a newborn is found, possibly following a ritualistic killing

The baby, a boy later named Baby Victor, was found strangled and mutilated, surrounded by fruits and coins. Victor’s jaw had also been broken, which hung open as his body was found in what was described as “a permanent scream.” Victor’s body was wrapped in bloody women’s pajamas and placed on a piece of burlap. The baby had been born alive, approximately 24 hours before his body was discovered.

Because of the scattered pieces of fruit and coins, police believed Victor was a sacrificed victim of Palo, Santería, or another similar religion. Experts in these religions noted the scene may have been staged, though Detective Kerry Dalling stated “Even if it wasn’t a legitimate ritual, whoever set it up would have knowledge of these rituals, of these beliefs,” and “We called it Santería because we had to label it something.”

Baby Victor’s case remains unsolved, though a $25,000 reward has been offered for information leading to be arrest of Victor’s killer or killers.

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