March 13, 2010
Sacramento, California
Lan Anh Le stabs her former girlfriend, Monica Anderson, 91 times in a fit of rage and jealousy

The night leading up to the murder, Anderson (26) and Le (20) met and socialized with one of Anderson’s friends, Ryan Millwee. Millwee later mentioned he thought it was odd the couple were together as Anderson had previously mentioned she was ending her relationship with Le — in part due to Le’s abusive nature towards Anderson — though he noted the two seemed to be getting along.

As the group drank liquor and used drugs together, the tension between Anderson and Le increased. Le repeatedly told Millwee to leave, though Anderson requested he stay. After Le calmed down around 2 a.m. on March 13, Millwee left Anderson’s apartment but told her to call him if anything happened.

While Millwee was gone, Le claimed she had attempted to retrieve her cellphone charger which led to violence. Le stated that when she grabbed her charger in the darkened room, she accidentally wrapped the cord around Anderson’s neck. Anderson then attempted to call Millwee for assistance, which enraged Le who had earlier accused Anderson of cheating on her with Millwee, despite denial from both parties. Le grabbed a kitchen knife and Anderson ran for the door; Le stated Anderson “just ran out like she really wanted to be with him” and attacked Anderson out of rage and jealousy.

Five minutes after he left, Millwee received a call from Anderson’s phone, though no one was on the other end. He called back, heard screams and “chaos” in the background, and rushed back to Anderson’s apartment. He found Anderson, dead, on the ground. Le was also on the ground “feet to feet” with Anderson’s body, after she had collapsed from exhaustion.

Anderson had been stabbed 91 times to her back, neck, face, and chest. Anderson’s heart, liver, aorta, and lung were all injured; the damage to her heart and aorta were each fatal on their own. Anderson also suffered a blunt force injury to her head, had bruising to her legs, face, and arms, and showed signs of strangulation. Le also had a stab wound to her chest, which she admitted was self-inflicted and claimed was done in an attempted suicide.

Le was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to 25 years to life.

Schmid, Kameron. “Five years later, parents mourn their daughter.” The American River Current. March 11, 2015.
THE PEOPLE, Plaintiff and Respondent, v. LAN ANH LE, Defendant and Appellant. Court of Appeals of California, Third District, Sacramento. Filed January 14, 2015.

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