February 21, 1891
Fort Wayne, Indiana
The unnamed “Hatfield twins” die following a catastrophic seizure

The Hatfield baby was born to a couple identified in newspapers only as Mr. and Mrs. L. W. — or occasionally L. C. — Hatfield. (Neither the child’s first name nor his parents’ were used, so I have been unsuccessful finding their birth or death certificates on databases. It is possible the parents were L. W. and Viola, née Ross, but I cannot verify that information. Also, though the baby remained unnamed in newspapers, it’s unlikely his parents did not name him.)

The Hatfield son was described at the time as “Siamese” (conjoined) twins, though the baby had a parasitic twin rather than the two being fully formed conjoined twins; the dominant brother had a headless, undeveloped twin with malformed arms attached to his abdomen (illustrated).

The baby was prone to seizures, though when he was seizure-free for some time his parents believed he was no longer affected by them. On February 21, while on their way to a museum which displayed the baby, the infant suffered a severe seizure and died as a result. It was noted the seizure caused the twins to separate slightly producing a large pool of blood. The Logansport Pharos-Tribune reported: “Shortly after death there was a slight break at the point where the two bodies joined together and about a quart of blood flowed therefrom.”

Baby Hatfield was 8 months old at the time of his death.

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