March 19, 2001
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Rachel Capra Craig kills her 14-year-old daughter Chelsea (pictured) and attempts to kill herself

Chelsea had Rett Syndrome, a neurological condition which prevented Chelsea from speaking, feeding herself, or breathing normally, among other issues, while Rachel had been suicidal and attempted to kill herself with a lethal combination of several prescription drugs. Before she took the poison, Rachel decided to feed some to her 14-year-old daughter, later explaining she would rather kill her daughter than leave her in the care of Chelsea’s father whom Rachel accused of sexually abusing their daughter. These claims were later found to be false.

Rachel took her lethal dosage of medication minutes before her husband came home. Emergency staff was able to save her life but Chelsea was unable to be saved.

Rachel was found “not criminally responsible for the death of her daughter by reason of mental disorder” and placed into the care of a mental health facility. In June of 2002, while out of the hospital on an unsupervised pass, Rachel killed herself with an intentional drug overdose. The facility was criticized by Rachel’s family for releasing Rachel — who was known to be suicidal — on an unsupervised pass, especially considering she had attempted suicide once before on another pass.

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