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Woman kills daughter, attempts to kill self

March 19, 2001 Montreal, Quebec, Canada Rachel Capra Craig kills her 14-year-old daughter Chelsea (pictured) and attempts to kill herself Chelsea had Rett Syndrome, a neurological condition which prevented Chelsea from speaking, feeding herself, or breathing normally, among other issues, while Rachel had been suicidal and attempted to kill herself with a lethal combination of… Continue reading Woman kills daughter, attempts to kill self

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Last woman executed in Australia

February 19, 1951 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Jean Lee becomes the last woman to be executed in Australia Lee (31 at the time of her death), her romantic partner and pimp Robert Clayton (32), and accomplice Norman Andrews (38) lured a 73-year-old bookmaker to a hotel with the intention to rob him on November 7, 1949.… Continue reading Last woman executed in Australia