February 12, 304
Barcelona, Spain
13-year-old Saint Eulalia is tortured and killed for refusing to denounce her faith

At the time of Eulalia’s martyrdom, Spain was under Roman rule and the current emperor, Diocletian, festered a deep hatred for Christians. Those Christians found in the empire were given the choice to convert or face torture and execution.

According to tradition, Eulalia’s mother feared her daughter’s unwavering faith would result in her death and brought her to the countryside. Eulalia spoke out against the religious decree regardless, and was arrested. She was subjected to thirteen tortures, one for each year of her life including whippings, burnings, flaying, being placed in a barrel filled with knives and glass and rolled down a hill, and crucifixion. When Eulalia still refused to denounce her faith, she was beheaded. Tradition states that, after her death, a white dove emerged from her mouth or neck and ascended to heaven.

The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia is home to exactly thirteen white geese who pay homage to the thirteen tortures Eulalia endured.

Image source: https://lugares.inah.gob.mx/es/museos-inah/museo/museo-piezas/13936-13936-santa-eulalia-de-barcelona.html?lugar_id=410&lugar_id=410

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