February 11, 1927
Utica, New York
Guy Taylor kills his family and himself after becoming unemployed

Guy, who had recently found himself unemployed, was suspected to have killed his family to spare them death from starvation. The bodies of the Taylor family were discovered on February 18, a week after the murders are believed to have occurred. Guy killed his family as they slept by using a razor blade and Bowie knife, though his 14-year-old son Owen appeared to have been awake during the attack; the other victims were found in their beds while Owen was slumped against the side of a bed. After Guy killed his wife and their five children, he slit his own throat.

The family was known to be a happy one, and Guy was in the habit of entertaining his children by playing the accordion. The bodies of the Taylors were found after neighbors noticed the home’s shutters had been kept closed and the sound of accordion music had not been heard in some time.

The victims were:

  • Guy (35)
  • Alice (35)
  • Elizabeth (16)
  • Owen (14)
  • Albert (12)
  • Goldie (8)
  • Ira (1)

“Coroner Decides That Taylor Killed Family.” Utica Daily Press. February 23, 1927
“Poverty Caused Man To Murder Family Of Six And Kill Self.” Albuquerque Journal. February 19, 1927
“Mother And Children Found Slain In Home.” Journal Gazette [Mattoon, Illinois]. February 18, 1927

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