February 9, 1932
Moirax, France
Six family members are found mutilated in their home

Neighbors became suspicious after seeing Pierre Delafet (alt. spellings: Delafe, Dieulase, Diulafe) traveling on a bicycle on February 7, but none of his family was seen or heard from for the next two days. When they checked on the Delafet family, the bodies of six were found: Delafet’s grandmother, mother, wife, 9-year-old daughter from a previous marriage, 3-month-old son, and uncle. The family had been killed with a hatchet, rifle, and knife.

Delafet was arrested and confessed to the killings. According to Australian reports, the only motive Delafet offered was “I lost all control of myself; I hated my family.” American newspapers reported the less likely scenario the killings were the result of Delafet’s wife taking too long to answer the door. Delafet was executed by guillotine on November 23, 1933.

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