February 7, 2000
Tokyo, Japan
Yasuo Takeda (52) drives a van full of his dead family members to a police station

Takeda (52) had been despondent after losing his job and becoming ¥25 million in debt. During questioning, Takeda specified his financial issues were the motive behind the killings of his mother, wife, and two children aged six and four. After he strangled his family, Takeda attempted suicide by cutting his wrists. When he survived, he surrendered to police.

I could find no additional information of Takeda or the results of his trial.

“Gifu ‘killer’ delivers family’s corpses to cops.” Mainichi.co.jp. February 8, 2000. Accessed: February 7, 2019. Archived: http://murderpedia.org/male.T/t/takeda-yasuo.htm
“Man kills family in van, drives to police station.” The Vancouver Sun. February 8, 2000
“Man shows up with four dead bodies.” Daily World [Opelousas, Louisiana]. February 7, 2000 (image source via newspapers.com)

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