January 12, 1979
Athens, Ohio
Margaret Schillings’ decomposing body is found a month after her disappearance, leaving a body-shaped stain behind

Schillings was a patient at the Athens Mental Heath and Retardation Center (later called The Ridges) who was being treated for mental disabilities. She disappeared on December 2, 1978, got lost in an unused portion of the hospital, and locked herself either intentionally or unintentionally in an empty ward. Before her death, she undressed herself, folded her clothing neatly, and laid down on the floor to die. She was found over a month later, her body producing a stain in the outline of her body.

The stain became more pronounced during efforts to clean it; as cleaning solutions were used, the silhouette became etched in the concrete. It is reportedly still visible and frequently receives visitors thanks to local ghost tours.

The “stain” Schilling left behind

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