January 6, 1928
Columbus, Ohio
17-year-old Floyd Hewitt is executed for the murder of a woman and her 5-year-old son

On February 13, 1927, Hewitt (16 at the time of the murder) was visiting Celia Brown (27) to listen to their radio. According to Hewitt, the music made him “feel queer inside” and “drunk with music,” and “he attempted a familiarity with Mrs. Brown, who slapped him” [Hewitt made sexual advances towards her]. To defend herself, Brown then grabbed a fire poker, though Hewitt wrestled it from her and bludgeoned her to death with it and a baseball bat. Her son, Fred, was killed with the same bat in the basement to prevent him from being a witness against Hewitt. Mr. Brown arrived home from work around midnight of February 14 to discover the bodies of his family.

Hewitt was arrested and wrote a full confession, explaining his actions were due to the spurned advances and jazz music. Newspapers at the time reported he was the youngest person to be executed in Ohio’s electric chair.

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