January 4, 1997
Bellevue, Washington
Four members of the Wilson family are found dead, killed by two 17-year-old friends of one of the victims

The victims were parents Bill and Rose Wilson and their daughters Kim (20) and Julia (17). Kim was killed first, away from the home, late in the evening of January 3. She was strangled in a park where her body was found the following day by children playing. Police found identification on Kim’s body and visited her home to inform her family. When a detective arrived at the Wilson home, he found the door ajar. He called out to anyone who may be inside and, when no reply came, entered with his gun drawn.

Bill and Rose were found in their bedroom. Both had multiple stab wounds to their necks, and had been bludgeoned with multiple blows from a baseball bat. Julia was found in the hallway with a broken arm and multiple stab wounds to her neck and head.

During the investigation, detectives were led to a group of Kim’s friends. Speaking with the group, several members mentioned two teens, David Anderson (left) and Alex Baranyi (right), had spoken often for at least a year about wanting to kill someone for the “experience.” Baranyi was investigated further, and distinctive shoe prints from one of his pairs of boots were linked to the scene.

Baranyi confessed to the murders within days of his arrest. He stated he had wanted to murder someone because he was “in a rut” and was becoming “decadent.” Baranyi also explained he had initially only intended to kill Kim but was afraid she might have mentioned to her parents who she would be out with on the night of her murder. The rest of the Wilson family was murdered in the early hours of January 4 with the intention of eliminating any possible link to Kim’s murder.

Detectives knew Baranyi was not alone based upon a second set of shoe prints left at the scene. Baranyi refused to name his accomplice, though investigators were able to link Anderson to the murder as well after finding boots matching the shoe impressions at the scene, covered with traces of blood matching the victims’ DNA.

Baranyi and Anderson were tried as adults and found guilty of murder. Both teens received sentences of four consecutive life terms. At his trial, Baranyi said, “If I was the jury, I would have found me guilty too.”

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