December 23, 2013
Bruges, Belgium
Killer András Pándy, who murdered, dismembered, and dissolved 6 family members, dies in prison

Pándy had been serving a life sentence at the time of his death, convicted of killing six of his family members and raping three of his daughters, one of whom was also a murder victim.

From 1986 to 1989, Pándy, a pastor, killed two wives, two sons, and two stepdaughters. Despite the fact no one had seen or heard from the victims in years, Pándy claimed they were still alive and he was “in contact with them through angels.”

András’ daughter Ágnes later confessed to being an accomplice to the murders in which András either shot his victims or bludgeoned them with a sledgehammer. She also detailed the disposal of the victims’ bodies which involved dismembering the corpses and dissolving the pieces in drain cleaner. It is speculated András murdered the family members to conceal the incestuous rapes. Police also suspect András may have killed at least seven more people whose unidentified remains were found on his property.

Ágnes testifies against her father and was convicted of murdering five of the victims and attempting to murder the sixth. The court was lenient with her sentencing, citing the mental control her father/rapist had over her, and handed her a 21-year sentence rather than a life term.

András died from an unspecified cause at the age of 86.


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