December 21, 1979
Denver, Colorado
Lewis Roger Moore (30) kills his roommate William Charles Kidd (23), dismembers the body, and scatters the pieces

Moore had been paralyzed while incarcerated at the age of 18, when he was stabbed in the back by a fellow inmate during a prison riot, resulting in his spinal cord being severed.

Following an argument on December 21, 1979, Moore struck Kidd on the head, killing him. Moore then used a power saw to dismember the body into smaller pieces which he wrapped in plastic bags and scattered across the housing project where the two men lived.

Authorities were alerted to the murder after airport staff found a pair of severed hands wrapped in plastic bags in a suitcase belonging to Moore. Another piece of the body, one of Kidd’s arms, was found the day of the murder by a young girl who found the plastic-wrapped arm on her front porch. Kidd’s other arm, his head, and one of his feet were found in Moore’s refrigerator.

At trial, Moore claimed Kidd had died of natural causes or a drug overdose before Moore dismembered his body which was done out of fear of being falsely accused of murder. However, the doctor conducting Kidd’s autopsy found he had been killed by blunt force trauma to his head. In addition, a neighbor testified she heard Moore warn Kidd to stay away from his girlfriend. After eight hours of deliberation, Moore was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison.


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