December 15, 2011
Bridgeport, Connecticut
Tyree Smith bludgeons Angel “Tun Tun” Gonzalez with an axe, then eats Gonzalez’s eye and part of his brain

Gonzalez was homeless at the time of his murder, but had been staying in an abandoned, boarded up house for shelter. On December 15, Smith curled up outside the house, choosing the building because he had lived in it in the past. Gonzalez invited Smith into the home to keep out of the cold, and once inside Smith claimed to have heard a voice to kill Gonzalez.

Smith beat Gonzalez to death with an axe, then took one of Gonzalez’s eyes and a part of his brain to a cemetery where his cousin was buried. Smith stood over his cousin’s grave and ate the eye (which he said “tasted like oysters”) and the piece of brain, washing them down with sake.

After cannibalizing Gonzalez in the cemetery, Smith visited another cousin, Nicole Rabb, for dinner. There he detailed Gonzalez’s murder and was promptly kicked out of her home. When Smith’s mother heard of the incident, she asked police to perform a welfare check on her son at the abandoned house. She told police about the details of the murder confession, though police found the home boarded up and unable to enter. Gonzalez’s badly decomposing and mutilated body was found 39 days after his murder by a building inspector, at which point Smith was arrested and tried.

In 2013, Smith was found not guilty by reason of insanity and sentenced to up to 60 years in a psychiatric hospital.


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