December 8, 2008
Adelaide, South Australia
Rajini Narayan kills her husband after she attempted to light his penis on fire for allegedly having an affair

Rajini allegedly suffered physical abuse by her husband Satish within three weeks of their arranged marriage in 1986. When Rajini discovered Satish was having an affair, she purchased an “angel candle” from a fortune teller intending to “burn a dot on his penis” to “purify” it. She claimed that as she was threatened to pour petrol on her husband’s penis he told her “no, you won’t, you fat, dumb bitch” which angered her. Rajini poured more petrol than she originally planned and set Satish on fire. He died as a result of his wounds.

Due to the history of abuse, Rajini was convicted of manslaughter rather than murder and was given a 6-year suspended sentence with a 3-year good behavior bond.


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