December 4, 2003
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Attorney Jonathan Luna dies of drowning and multiple stab wounds in a possible suicide

Luna (38) was found facedown in creek, covered in blood from 36 stab wounds over his body. The majority of stab wounds were superficial and believed to be hesitation wounds which are common in suicide cases. Despite the numerous stab wounds, Luna’s official cause of death was due to drowning in the shallow waters of the creek.

Local authorities, including two coroners, considered Luna’s death to be a homicide. Federal authorities with the FBI, however, leaned towards suicide, noting the $25,000 of debt Luna had accumulated and $36,000 cash evidence for a bank robbery case which went missing. Luna’s case has not been officially resolved and a $100,000 reward has been offered to information leading to a conviction for Luna’s death.

Jonathan Luna

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