November 18, 1969
Tomah, Wisconsin
An unnamed 14-year-old student shoots and kills his school principal

The teen — who remained unnamed due to Wisconsin law at the time which protected the identities of offenders under the age of 16 — often had trouble with authority figures. In a “fit of anger,” the teen went to the principal’s office with a shotgun and fired three times, striking principal Martin Mogensen (sometimes erroneously spelled as Morgensen) in the arm and back. Mogensen died at the scene.

The teen was evaluated by psychiatrists who determined his use of LSD had affected his judgement. It was noted the LSD did not “cause his insanity,” but had “broken down the boy’s personality and he was less able to cope with his problems.”

The student was placed in the Mendota State Hospital in lieu of jail time. In 1972, he was released from the hospital but continued to receive treatments twice a week.

Wisconsin State Journal. December 15, 1969


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