November 9, 2014
McLean, Virginia
Lawyer Andrew Schmuhl (31) invaded the home of Leo Fisher (61) and his wife Susan Duncan (61), stabs each, and leaves them to die for firing Schmuhl’s wife two weeks before

Andrew’s wife Alecia Schmuhl (30), also an attorney, had worked for Fisher until her employment was terminated due to poor performance. The couple contemplated bringing a wrongful termination lawsuit against Fisher and his law firm but changed their minds, instead constructing an “abduction kit” which included rope, gloves, a knife, a taser, and a disposable cell phone. Adult diapers were also purchased for Andrew to wear during the lengthy interrogation he planned.

On November 9, Andrew visited the home of Fisher and Duncan, pushing his way inside once the door was opened. He then restrained Fisher and Duncan and interrogated them for three hours about Alecia’s termination. He eventually attacked the couple, stabbing Fisher in the face and upper body before slicing his throat. Duncan was stabbed repeatedly as well. Alecia waited outside in the Schmuhl’s car during the entire attack. Andrew left the couple for dead though Duncan managed to trigger her home’s alarm system; both Duncan and Fisher survived the ordeal.

The victims were able to provide police with a description of their attacker and his vehicle, leading to Andrew’s arrest following a car chase. At the time of his arrest, Andrew was only wearing an adult diaper; his bloodied clothing was found in a pile in the car.

Andrew attempted an insanity plea during trial, claiming he was “involuntarily intoxicated” by side effects from his pain medication. The plea was unsuccessful. Andrew was convicted and sentenced to two life sentences plus 98 years in prison. Alecia claimed she was unaware of her husband’s plot but video evidence presented showed she had been the one to purchase the taser Andrew brought with him during the home invasion. She accepted a plea deal and was given the maximum sentence allowed with a plea agreement: 45 years in prison.

Alecia and Andrew Schmuhl


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