November 8, 1939
Chicago, Illinois
Lawyer and racetrack operator Edward J. “Easy Eddie” O’Hare is fatally shot by unidentified men while driving

O’Hare’s assassination occurred a week before mob boss Al Capone was released from Alcatraz. The two were in business together, running dog- and horse-tracks, and O’Hare had represented Capone in court in the past.

On November 8, three cars followed O’Hare’s for several blocks before one pulled along side. O’Hare was hit with a “fusillade of shots” as he drove and was killed instantly. His car crashed into a lamppost while his assailants continued on their journey. They were never identified.

O’Hare’s car after the crash

Two letters were recovered suggesting Capone had a role in O’Hare’s murder, likely in retaliation for O’Hare providing information to authorities which led to Capone’s conviction for tax evasion. The first letter was found on a man named Russell Stoddard who stabbed to death by unknown assailants in Los Angeles. In the letter, the dead man claimed he had been a jockey and bodyguard for O’Hare and he knew the identities of the assassins. O’Hare’s associates stated they knew of no bodyguard named Stoddard, however. The second letter was found on O’Hare, including mentions of threats by two men recently released from Alcatraz who were under order by Capone to have O’Hare killed.

Despite the leads, no arrests were made in connection to O’Hare’s killing. The case remains unsolved.

WARNING: The next photograph is of O’Hare’s body at the scene of the murder and may be considered graphic






© Leslie Jones | Source


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