November 7, 2011
Hillcrest, Auckland, New Zealand
18-year-old Christie Marceau is murdered by former classmate Akshay Chand who had previously kidnapped and assaulted her

Chand and Christie had attended primary school together and reconnected after working at the same supermarket. In September 2011, Chand called Christie and threatened to “hurt himself” unless she came to his home, 300 meters away from hers, to talk with him. She complied and after he talked about his issues for some time, he demanded Christie’s phone then drew a knife from the waistband of his pants. He ordered Christie to remove her clothing under threats of violence, and she stripped down to her undergarments. He continued to talk to her for a further 35 minutes before allowing her to get dressed and leave. Chand later admitted he had intended to rape Christie but changed his mind.

Chand was arrested but remanded on bail pending his trial, under the condition he be under 24-hour curfew at his mother’s house, despite objections from Christie’s parents and the police.

On the morning of November 7, Chand visited Marceau’s house armed with a knife and hammer. Christie’s mother answered the door, assuming the visitor was a mail courier. When Chand pushed passed her into the house, Christie’s mother screamed, waking Christie. She stood at the top of the stairs and, upon seeing Chand, screamed as well. Chand kicked her in the stomach, sending her backwards down the stairs. She then attempted to flee through a back door but Chand caught up with her as she tried to unlatch a gate. He stabbed her in the head, neck, and torso between five and ten times, only stopping when the knife bent in a 90° angle. (He attempted to stab her more until he realized the knife was unusable.)

Christie’s mother, who had been on the phone with 111, did not witness the fatal stabbing. She held her daughter as she took her last breaths; Christie died before emergency services arrived.

When police arrived on the scene, Chand was standing a few meters from Christie’s body and still holding the knife. Witnesses said he had a “sick grin.” When police asked why he had killed Christie, he replied “for reprisal,” and asked if he could listen to his iPod.

Chand was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and acquitted by reason of insanity. He has been admitted indefinitely into a psychiatric facility as a special patient.

Christie Marceau


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