October 22, 1920
Chicago, Illinois
Carmelita (alt. spelling: Carmila, Carnaletto) Rindoni shoots her son’s teacher for disciplining her son

Rindoni had confronted Rosalind Reynolds for punishing her son Herman, who was either 9 or 10 years old. Herman “constantly tried to make life miserable for his teacher,” according to other teachers and students in his school, until Reynolds found no recourse but to punish him. Herman had reported the incident to his mother, claiming Reynolds pulled a handful of his hair from his scalp, displaying a bald spot later believed to have been the result of a ringworm. Rindoni hired a lawyer and the school’s principal promised to investigate, but when the accusations were determined to be unfounded, Rindoni returned the next day.

Rindoni approached Reynolds in the latter’s classroom. In front of the room full of students, Rindoni pulled a revolver from her skirt and shot Reynolds twice: once in the right thigh and once in the right hand. After the shooting, Rindoni fled but turned herself in on November 8. Reynolds’ injuries were not life-threatening and she chose not to press charges.

Clipping: Chicago Tribune. September 8, 1921


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