October 13, 1933
Sarzana, Italy
Serial killer Cesare Serviatti is executed

Serviatti employed the use of newspaper advertisements to come in contact with women seeking marriage, only to rob, kill, and dismember them. On November 3, 1930, the body of a woman, chopped to pieces and stuffed in a suitcase, was pulled from the sea. A little over two years later, on November 16, 1932, the dismembered partial remains of a woman, wrapped in newspaper, were discovered in a suitcase; the rest of her remains were found later in a second suitcase. Both cases had been headed by the same investigator, Superintendent Musco, who noted the similarities between the murders.

The mutilated body of the second victim found, Paolina Gorietti, was identified by her friend. The friend told police Gorietti mentioned she was meeting with a man named Cesare Serviatti before she disappeared. Serviatti was questioned and denied the allegations initially, though he later confessed to the murders of the two women as well as another five. Of the five additional women, only one was identified, killed in 1928. She had been killed in her sleep, dismembered, and her body parts thrown into a well.

Charged with the three murders he could be linked to, Serviatti was executed by firing squad at 6:24 a.m. on October 13, 1933.

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