October 11, 1926
Chicago, Illinois
Gangster Hymie Weiss (born Henry Earl J. Wojciechowski) is killed in a gangland hit

Weiss, sometimes called “the only man Al Capone feared,” was with Sam Peller (his bodyguard), Paddy Murray (another gangster), William O’Brien (an attorney), and Benjamin Jacobs (an investigator working for O’Brien) when two men shot at the group from a second story window of a nearby building.

Weiss and Murray were fatally struck by shots and Peller, confused to where the gunmen were, blindly shot in their direction. In the process, he accidentally shot the already mortally-wounded Weiss again as he fell to the ground. The rest of the group were wounded but survived.

Though no one was arrested in connection with the murders, Weiss’s death was most likely a hit ordered by rival Al Capone.

Weiss in life

Warning: the following images are graphic in nature







Weiss’ body rests in a casual position. His hat was placed over his head after his death

A closer view of Weiss’ face and the cap covering his head

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