Ian McShane (September 29, 1942), who starred in The Devil’s Window (1970), The Murders in the Rue Morgue (1986), “The Twilight Zone” (episode: Cold Fusion), Death Race (2008), Coraline (2009), Case 39 (2009), Snow White and the Huntsman (2012), “American Horror Story” (season: Asylum), “American Gods,” and Hellboy (2019).

McShane in “American Gods”

Erika Eleniak (September 29, 1969), who starred in The Blob (1988), Bordello of Blood (1996), Dracula (2004), and Fatal Reunion (2005).

Eleniak with Dennis Miller in Bordello of Blood

Zachary Levi (September 29, 1980), who starred in Fallout: New Vegas, Spiral (2007), “Deadbeat” (episode: The Emancipation Apparition), and Blood Fest (2018).

Zachary Levi

Movie releases:

1993: Amityville: A New Generation
1995: Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

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