September 28, 2016
Yema, Qujing, Yunnan Province, China
Yang Qingpei kills his parents before killing 17 neighbors to hide his original crime

Qingpei, reportedly an avid gambler, visited his parents to ask them for money to cover his debts. When they refused, he attacked and killed both with an instrument, reported as either a knife or pickaxe. Knowing he would be the first suspect in his parents’ murders, Qingpei attacked several other families in the vicinity, killing 17. Four of the victims were under the age of 18, the youngest being 3 years old.

Qingpei fled the area but was quickly apprehended in Kunming, approximately 150 km away. He confessed to the murders, was tried and convicted, and sentenced to death in 2017. Qingpei has stated he accepts the death penalty and does not plan to make an appeal.

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