September 24, 1994
Cuers, France
16-year-old Éric Borel kills himself after a two-day killing spree which left 13 others dead and 6 wounded

Borel began his attack at home on September 23, shooting his stepfather, 11-year-old stepbrother, and mother with a .22-caliber hunting rifle. After shooting his stepfather and stepbrother, he bludgeoned both with a hammer; his mother was not bludgeoned.

Borel cleaned the home between killings and covered the bodies before he left his home for the last time. At 7:15 a.m. on September 24, Borel met with a friend, Alan Guillemette. After a discussion which was seen but not heard by Guillemette’s mother, Guillemette turned to walk away. Borel fatally shot Guillemette in the back. Borel then walked though Cuers, shooting indiscriminately at those he encountered. Survivors recounted Borel seemed calm during the murders, carefully aiming with each shot. Police arrived on the scene at 8 a.m. at which point Borel fatally shot himself in the head. Thirteen victims were dead at the scene while two more victims succumbed to their wounds within a year and a half.

Borel left behind no suicide note. The motivation behind the killings remains unknown.

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