September 23, 1977
Bowie, Maryland
Carol Lewis and her 4-month-old daughter Heather are stabbed to death in what newspapers called a “‘You Kill My Wife, I’ll Kill Yours’ plot”

Carol (27) and Heather were the victims of a murder conspiracy between Carol’s husband Lon Lewis (27) and Gene T. Meyer (27). The men had met during a training school for Data Point Corp. who employed both as technicians. Lon and Carol had separated briefly in 1976 but reconciled, though Lon had begun an affair with an 18-year-old woman.

Lewis (who wished to be with his mistress) and Meyer (who hoped for the $100,000 insurance policy on his wife’s life) agreed to kill the other’s wife. In a case of life imitating art, the conspiracy was strikingly similar to the novel and movie Strangers on a Train in which two strangers agree to kill someone close to the other, with the hope of leaving no clear motive and stumping investigators.

After being warned by Meyer to stay late at work, Lewis came home to find his wife and infant daughter killed in their kitchen in what police described as “gallons of blood.” Though investigators initially had no leads in the murders, they found incriminating letters to Lewis’ mistress. When questioned, he confessed to the murder plot. The following day, Meyer was arrested and also confessed. Both were tried, convicted, and sentenced to life.

In 1978, Meyer attempted to hire the services of an undercover police officer to murder his wife, two detectives, and Lewis, stating he would use a portion of his wife’s $100,000 insurance money to fund the killings. Meyer was convicted of four counts of soliciting to commit murder and sentenced to four 20-year terms, to be served after his life sentence.

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