William Finley (September 20, 1940 – April 14, 2012), who starred in Sisters (1973), Eaten Alive (1976), The Fury (1978), The Funhouse (1981), Silent Rage (1982), Night Terrors (1993), “Tales from the Crypt” (episode: Till Death Do Us Part), “Masters of Horror” (episode: Sick Girl), and The Black Dahlia (2006).

Finley (left) in Silent Rage

Asia Argento (September 20, 1975), daughter of Dario Argento, who starred in Demons 2 (1986), The Church (1989), Trauma (1993), The Strenhal Syndrome (1996), The Phantom of the Opera (1998), Love Bites (2001), The Keeper (2004), Land of the Dead (2005), Mother of Tears (2007), Dracula 3D (2012), and The Executeix (2017).

Argento in Phantom of the Opera

Jon Bernthal (September 20, 1977), who starred in “Eastwick,” The Ghost Writer (2010), “The Walking Dead,” Shot Caller (2017), “The Punisher,” and Widows (2018).

Bernthal in “The Punisher”

Movie releases:

1940: The Mummy’s Hand
2013: The Colony
2013: I Spit on Your Grave 2 (US release)

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