September 18, 1991
Crosby, Texas
Lakeeta (alt. spelling: LaKeeta) Cadoree (15) shoots 17-year-old Arthur Jermel Jack in their school’s cafeteria for insulting her the day before

Cadoree approached Jack as he stood in line at Crosby High School and asked him why he had called her a bitch the day before. Before he could answer, she drew a gun. Jack turned to run but was hit in the back; he died as a result of his wound shortly after.

Cadoree, still holding the gun, went to the school’s office, called her mother, and asked to be taken home. Cadoree then “broke down,” according to the Associated Press. The school’s assistant principal was able to calm her and convince her to surrender her weapon. Cadoree was arrested, tried, and convicted for Jack’s murder. She was released from prison after serving 22 years.

Cadoree has recently been featured in an article about the Austin Area Urban League, an organization whose mission is “to provide tools to African Americans and under-served populations to build a foundation for social and economic equality.” The article can be read here.

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