September 12, 1998
London, England
William McNamee (alt spelling: McAnamee) is arrested for suspicious behavior outside a furniture store

After his arrest, McNamee professed his relief at being captured. He confessed he strangled his girlfriend, Tracey Horner, in their shared flat between July 29 and August 1, and bludgeoned John Dysart with a frying pan four days before his arrest. When police approached him on September 12, McNamee was contemplating killing the furniture store employees with a hammer. During questioning, he admitted he had no reason to kill either of his victims, nor the potential victims, stating “There’s nothing I can do to control what I am doing.”

McNamee was charged with murder, though the Crown accepted a guilty plea of culpable homicide. He was sentenced to two life terms, and was required to serve at least ten years before becoming eligible for parole.

(A surprising lack of information is available online regarding McNamee’s crimes, sentencing, and current whereabouts, and as such I have been unable to determine if he has been released, was denied parole, or has died.)

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