The Illustrated Police News
Published August 27, 1887

The stories in this issue include:

* The execution of Israel Lipski, hanged for the murder of a 6-months-pregnant woman named Miriam Angel who was killed by forcing her to drink aqua fortis (nitric acid). Lipski was found under the bed where Angel’s body rested, with acid burns on his own mouth. Shortly before his execution, Lipski confessed to the murder and attempted suicide, though he claimed the motive was to silence Angel after a botched burglary rather than rape as the prosecution suggested. His last statement was “I have never been so well treated in my life as I have been since I have been in prison.”

* A sloop named the Sara capsized, killing all aboard except a handful of sailors, the captain, and a boy who clung to the sides of the overturned vessel. The day after the accident, the bodies of the captain’s wife and children surfaced and were eaten by sharks in front of the horrified captain. The following day, three of the sailors “became crazy” and jumped into the water after saying they were going ashore, only to be eaten by sharks immediately after. Eight days after the initial disaster, three survivors — the captain, boy, and a solitary sailor — were rescued. They stated they had survived by killing turtles and sucking their blood.

* Alfred Ling, despondent from losing his job of 18 years following a strike, drowned his three children — Charles (10), Alice (8), and Clara (6) — in a canal before killing himself in the same manner.

* A woman died following an attack by bees. As the article explains, “A Mrs. Grove, an invalid lady … was driving in her donkey chair” accompanied by her sister when the duo was attacked by bees. The sisters and donkey were stung severely and the donkey, in an effort to escape, flipped the carriage. Mrs. Grove was kicked and trampled by the donkey, and crushed under the vehicle’s wheels, sustaining broken bones. She died of her injuries two days later.

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