August 27, 1934
The Evening News (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania) runs several stories of misfortune

The stories (clippings below) are:

  • Two girls under the age of three died in a barn fire after their older brother (4) ignited hay while playing with matches.
  • A boy (6) watching a steam shovel excavate was killed when the scoop accidentally dropped a boulder on the child.
  • A blind man accidentally walked out of a second story window and fell to his death.
  • The body of a teen was recovered under 100 feet of gravel and sand. The boy had dug himself a cave in the sand which caved in and buried him.
  • A man who had previously attempted suicide by jumping into a river ended his life by stripping naked and allowing hundreds of hornets to sting him. His mother attempted to dissuade him, enduring stings in the process, but was unsuccessful. Firefighters burned weeds to repel the hornets and the man was taken to the hospital for treatment, though he still died of his injuries.

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