August 26, 2012
Madison Township, Muskingum County, Ohio
Celeste Fronsman is found by a passing motorist after she crawls or walks nearly 1,500 feet with burns over 70% of her body

According to prosecutor Mike Haddox, two female acquaintances, Katrina Culberson and Monica Washington, lured Fronsman into an SUV. They then picked up alleged drug dealer LaFonse Dixon. The group accused Fronsman of informing the police about Dixon’s drug operation, resulting in a raid. Though she denied the allegations, a fact which was later confirmed, Dixon began beating and choking her as the four drove to a remote location where the trio beat her more, choked her into unconsciousness with a tow strap, set her on fire after she regained consciousness, and left her to die.

After being found by the motorist, Fronsman gave him the names of her attackers. Her rescuer managed to write down one of the names — KC, Culberson’s nickname — though he also testified to Fronsman naming Dixon and Washington as well. Before being placed in a medically-induced coma to relieve her pain, Fronsman was also able to give her own name and social security number. She died two days later.

Culberson and Washington pleaded guilty and agreed to testify against Dixon. All three were sentenced to life in prison. Only Washington is eligible for parole; her first parole hearing is scheduled for 2037.

The Tribune (Coshocton, Ohio) Aug 31, 2012

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