August 25, 1993
Starke, Florida
Michael Alan Durocher is executed for murdering his girlfriend, their 6-month-old son, her 5-year-old daughter, and an interior decorating store employee

Durocher was already on death row for the 1986 armed robbery and murder of store employee Thomas Underwood and was awaiting sentencing for beating his roommate, Eddie Dwayne Childers, to death with a hammer in 1988 when he confessed to the murders of his girlfriend and her children. In November of 1983, Grace Reed and Candice (5) were shot execution-style while Joshua (6 months) was stabbed to death.

Durocher offered two motives for the murders. In one, he claimed the deaths were part of a murder-suicide pact that he ducked out of. In another, during a series of taunting letters to Florida Governor Lawton Chiles, Durocher wrote he murdered Reed for lying about Joshua’s parentage. Reed had told Durocher Joshua was his child but he thought she was lying and stated he had murdered her and the children because of this supposed lie. Durocher, however, seemed intent on being executed, refusing appeals. The claim of murdering a family over an alleged lie may have been a ploy to ensure his execution.

Durocher offered no final statement before his death.

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