August 16, 1957
Chicago, Illinois
15-year-old Judith Mae Anderson disappears while walking home from a friend’s house

Anderson was last seen on August 16. Six days later, a 55-gallon drum (pictured) was discovered, containing the her body minus the head, right arm, and left hand. On August 24, a 5-gallon bucket with the missing remains was discovered.

Anderson was fatally shot with a .32-caliber revolver four times: twice in her brain, once in back of her neck, and once in her left jaw. The coroner determined her death was instantaneous.

No valuable evidence was found under her fingernails, no drugs or alcohol was found in her system, and no evidence was found to suggest sexual assault. Her dismemberment was “the work of an amateur without any knowledge of anatomy” and subjected to cuts from a saw, sharp knife, and possibly an ax.

Though an extensive search was conducted including questioning and attempts to identify the tools and origin of the drum and bucket Anderson was dumped in, the case is still unsolved.

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