August 15, 1958
Chicago, Illinois
A 14-year-old accidentally kills a man after stealing a car

The teen had come across an empty vehicle and impulsively stole it for a joyride. The boy, James L. Moore, struck another vehicle belonging to Sebastian Wiedemer. When Wiedemer exited his car to assess the damage, Moore reversed the stolen car then continued forward again, hitting the older motorist and dragging him 50 feet.

Fleeing the scene, the teen ran through two homes, climbing from a second story window to jump to the roof of an adjacent house, before he was captured by police. Moore was convicted of auto theft and involuntary manslaughter in December 1958, receiving a 20 year sentence for the theft and 14 years for involuntary manslaughter, to be served concurrently.

Clippings: The Chicago Daily Tribune, August 16, 1958

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