August 12, 1933

Kansas City, Missouri

Gangsters Sam Scola and Gus Fasone are shot and killed after a sheriff happened upon the two shooting bootlegger and rival mobster Ferris Anthon

The group was involved with a gangland dispute when Sheriff Thomas Bash noticed the confrontation and remarked to his companions “it looks like we’re running into something.” Anthon was shot and slumped to the ground prompting Sheriff Bash to open fire on the assailants in their car. Scola and Fasone, who were in the front seat, were killed. One accomplice managed to escape. Sheriff Bash later testified a fourth gangster, Charles Gargotta, emerged from the car firing his revolver at the sheriff and his companions, surrendered after he ran out of bullets. Gargotta testified he walked onto the scene from a nearby apartment and was not a part of the murder. He was later acquitted of attempted murder against Sheriff Bash due to suspected political connections and corruption.

The Kane Republican. August 15, 1933

Sam Scola and Ferris Anthon

Crowds gather to see the car Scola and Fasone died in, after the removal of their bodies

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