Woman abducted, restrained, and set on fire after robbery

August 12, 1984 Tallahassee, Florida Jeanne Bickner is kidnapped, tied to a tree, and set on fire Bickner had met Joe Elton Nixon in a mall parking lot when he asked for help jumpstarting his car. When they were unsuccessful, Bickner offered Nixon a ride home. During the trip, Nixon forced Bickner to a remote… Continue reading Woman abducted, restrained, and set on fire after robbery

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Sheriff kills two gangsters after they kill rival

August 12, 1933 Kansas City, Missouri Gangsters Sam Scola and Gus Fasone are shot and killed after a sheriff happened upon the two shooting bootlegger and rival mobster Ferris Anthon The group was involved with a gangland dispute when Sheriff Thomas Bash noticed the confrontation and remarked to his companions “it looks like we’re running… Continue reading Sheriff kills two gangsters after they kill rival

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The Sant’Anna di Stazzema massacre

August 12, 1944 Sant'Anna di Stazzema, Tuscany, Italy Nazis murder 560 locals and refugees, including 130 children In the span of 3 hours, the 16th SS Panzergrenadier Division rounded up all locals, locking them in barns or stables. They then took groups of captives to shoot with machine guns or at point-blank range, or brought… Continue reading The Sant’Anna di Stazzema massacre

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Girl gouges eyes from face, calmly states they “fell out”

From The Daily Notes (Canonsburg, Pennsylvania) Published August 12, 1931 An unnamed teenage girl with a history of self-mutilation (she had previously pulled out three of her own teeth) tore both of her eyes from their sockets. I attempted to find out more information about her name or other incidents but without luck.

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Today in Horror History: August 12

Birthdays:Casey Affleck (August 12, 1975), who starred in Soul Survivors (2001), The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007), The Killer Inside Me (2010), ParaNorman (2012), and A Ghost Story (2017). Electra Avellan (August 12, 1986), who starred in Death Proof (2007), Planet Terror (2007), The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond (2009),… Continue reading Today in Horror History: August 12