August 11, 2013
Omaha, Nebraska
Nikko Jenkins begins a killing spree which ends with a total of four victims

Jenkins claimed his facial tattoos are the language of Apophis, the ancient Egyptian god of chaos, and claimed to be following Apophis’ commands when he began his shooting spree.

On August 11, 2013, Jenkins shot two men in the head with a 12 gauge shotgun; the apparent motive was robbery as the victims’ pockets were turned inside out. On August 19, Jenkins shot a former friend twice in the back with the shotgun. The final murder was of a woman on August 21 whose car was stolen after she was shot four times.

Jenkins was arrested August 30 on an unrelated terroristic threat charge but his possession of the 12 gauge shotgun linked him to the four murders. On September 3, during a “rambling” 8-hour interview, Jenkins confessed to the murders and called them a sacrifice to Apophis.

Jenkins was found guilty of all four murders on April 16, 2014, but his sentencing was delayed until he could be proven to be mentally fit to understand the possible death penalty proceedings against him. In May 2017 he was given four death sentences as well as 450 to 500 years in prison. Should his death sentences be vacated, the additional 450-year sentence will ensure he is never allowed out of prison.

While in prison in April 2015, Jenkins attempted to etch “666” into his head, but did not account for the backwards image mirrors provide. In July 2015, Jenkins managed to bisect his tongue to resemble a snake’s and cut the word “Satan” into his face. In October 2015, Jenkins followed the supposed command of Apophis again, this time carving his penis to look like a snake. The mutilation required 27 stitches. Prison officials believed Jenkins was receiving razor blades from other prisoners who slid the blades under his door and installed a guard directly outside his cell door and took away Jenkins’ shaving privileges.

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