Gillian Anderson (August 9, 1968), best known as Agent Scully in “The X-Files,” also starred in Princess Mononoke (1997), “Hannibal,” “The Fall,” American Gods,” and “UFO” (2018). She also wrote and directed the episode “all things” of “The X-Files.”

Kate Siegel (August 9, 1982), who starred in The Curse of the Black Dahlia (2007), Oculus (2013), Demon Legacy (2014), Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016), and Gerald’s Game (2017). She also wrote and starred in Hush (2016).

Bill Skarsgård (August 9, 1990), who starred in “Hemlock Grove,” Allegiant (2016), It (2017), “Castle Rock,” and It: Chapter Two (2019).

Movie releases:

1996: Escape from LA
2013: Jug Face

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