August 8, 1973
Pasadena, Texas
Serial rapist/torturer/killer Dean Corll is shot and killed by one of his accomplices

Corll had killed at least 27 victims, whose ages ranged from 9 to 19. All the victims were boys or young men, lured with candy from his family’s candy factory for younger victims, or glue- and paint-sniffing or “alcohol parties” for the older ones.

In 1970, Corll befriended two teenagers, Elmer Wayne Henley and David Owen Brooks. They soon discovered his secret of sadism and bondage of young men, and Corll eventually offered both boys $200 for each victim they brought to him. The first victims were tortured and raped, but by mid-1970 the murders started.

On August 8, 1973, Henley brought a 19-year-old friend to Corll’s house to party. However, another friend, a 15-year-old girl, came as well after a fight with her father. Corll became angry telling his accomplice he “ruined everything,” but seemed to calm down and offered the teenagers alcohol, marijuana, and glue to sniff.

After the teenagers passed out for the evening, Corll gagged and restrained each victim, intending to kill them. Henley convinced Corll to free him and was told to rape and kill the girl while Corll raped and killed the young man. Though Henley initially complied, during the assault he shouted “You’ve gone far enough, Dean!” and pointed a pistol at Corll. Corll retorted with taunts, saying “Kill me, Wayne! You won’t do it!”

As Corll came closer, Henley shot him in the forehead, though the bullet failed to pierce his skull. Injured but not stopped, Corll continued toward Henley who fired twice more, striking Corll’s left shoulder, then another three times as Corll attempted to leave the room, hitting his lower back and shoulder, finally killing him.

Convinced by the two victims, Henley called police and confessed to killing Corll in self defense. The authorities soon found bodies buried on Corll’s property (the image shows a skull of the tenth victim in the wheelbarrow) and Henley and Brooks confessed to their crimes. They are both currently serving life sentences.

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