August 7, 1994
Oakville, Washington
Gelatinous blobs containing human white blood cells falls from the sky

The translucent, gelatinous pieces reportedly rained on and near the home of Sunny Barclift twice in as many weeks. Barclift, her mother Dotty Hearn, and a new kitten were all struck with illnesses after coming in contact with the substance; the kitten died soon after.

The material was tested and found to contain human white blood cells, which led a doctor to speculate the matter might be from human waste ejected from an airplane. He further proposed the idea that antifreeze from said airplane may have mixed with the waste which poisoned the family and their kitten.

A second theory was offered suggesting jellyfish had been blown skyward by a recent Air Force bombing of the Pacific Ocean some 40 to 50 miles (64-80 km) away. This theory was not investigated seriously.

The story was featured on Unsolved Mysteries in 1997. It currently remains unsolved.

Detroit Free Press (Aug. 20, 1994)

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