August 5, 2017
Cumberland, Maryland
Suspected serial killer Joseph Roy Metheny dies in prison

During an alleged and unconfirmed jailhouse confession, Metheny claimed to have killed 10 people and cooked parts of their bodies to serve to customers at his barbecue stand. (The “confession” has been reported by several news outlets, most of whom reference either each other or Murderpedia who transcribed a large block of text from a tumblr entitled SKCentral, and is likely creative writing rather than factual information.)

Metheny was tried and convicted for the murders of two women in the mid-90s, though prosecutors dropped murder charges of a third woman due to lack of evidence. He was also acquitted in July 1996 of killing two homeless men with an axe. Originally sentenced to the death penalty in 1998, Metheny’s death sentence was overturned in 2000, reducing his sentence to life without parole.

Metheny was found unresponsive in his cell on August 5, 2017 and died later that day at the age of 62.

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