August 5, 2012
Oak Creek, Wisconsin
Wade Michael Page begins shooting members of the Sikh faith within the Wisconsin Sikh Temple, killing 6 and wounding 4 before fatally shooting himself

Page, an Army veteran with ties to white suprematist and neo-Nazi groups, was suspected to have been motivated by racial hatred when he shot those within the temple. (Page left no information regarding the reason for the murders, leaving his motives up to speculation.)

Armed with a 9mm pistol, Page entered the temple and began shooting without saying a word. The temple’s president, Satwant Singh Kaleka, grabbed the only weapon he could find, a butter knife, and stabbed Page before being fatally shot. The short struggle allowed some of the worshippers additional time to take cover.

As police arrived on the scene, Lt. Brian Murphy was shot 15 times — including once in the neck — by Page; he was able to survive his wounds. Page was shot by police in the abdomen before turning the gun on himself, shooting himself in the head. The murders were labeled by Attorney General Eric Holder as a hate crime and an act of terrorism.

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